Jana Slobodníková

Title: The prevention and early diagnosis of Breast cancer of young women in the region of Trencin – retrospective study


Jana Slobodníková, M.D., CSc., is Working as Faculty of the Health Care in Alexander Dubcek University of Trencin, Studentská, Trencin in Slovakia. She has completed her Phd at the age 38 years from Institus of Experimental Oncology Slovac Scientic Academy. Worked as Ass. Prof. in 43 years from Trnaviensis University and Prof. emeritus at age 45 years from St. Elizabeth High Scool. She has lectured at several universities - Prague, Trencín, Trnava and Bratislava. She is the author of teaching script, university textbooks and lead workshops, She also organized international congresses and worksops and has published more than 90 scientific papers, from then 25 papers in renomed journals and has been serving as an 5 editorial board member of repute and also published 3 monography, She founded the Section of Breast Imaging in 1996, from 1996 she is president of The Section of Breast Imaging of Slovak radiologic Society and vice president  of The Slovak Society of Ultrasound in Medicine.

Research Interest

Breast Imaging 

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