Rania Hathout

Title: Nanomedicine + Gene therapy = New horizons in Breast cancer treatment


Dr. Rania was granted her PhD in 2010 after a joint supervision between Ain Shams University and University of Bath. She has also been granted a post-doc visit to Leiden University (2013). In 2016, she earned Lancaster University, young  researchers career grant. She acquired a Pharmaceutical Bioinformatics certificate from Uppsala University (scored the highest grade). She has 48 international publications in prestigious journals. Dr. Rania is an awarder of the Egyptian Excellence Medal of the highest class (2017), the State award  in the field of medicine and medical products (2017) , the State award  in the field of medical genetics (2016) and the State Incentive award in the medical fields (2014) and the European Science foundation award (2013). She also received Elsevier hottest article certificate in 2010 and Wiley publisher honorable certificate for a top-loaded article (2017-2018).

Research Interest

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