Germain Gillet

Title: The cell death machinery as a therapeutic target for breast cancer


Germain Gillet is Professor at the Faculty of Medicine of Lyon and a group leader at Lyon Cancer Research Center. His current research focuses on the modifications of mitochondrial proteins in transformed cells and their consequences on cell death and metabolism. In 1995, Dr Gillet described the antiapoptotic effect of the v-src oncogene and cloned the nr-13 gene, one of the few bcl-2 homologs known at that time. Later on, he characterised a number of Nr-13 related proteins in various species including mammals and zebrafish. Dr Gillet made seminal contributions in the field, showing that the non canonical roles of Bcl-2 proteins, in particular regarding calcium trafficking, are critical for the control of cell movements during the initial steps of development. This work has opened new avenues about the actual function of the Bcl-2 family proteins, including the context of breast cancer.

Research Interest

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