Clinical Trials -Breast Cancer

Segment 1 trials observe whether a new treatment is safe to apply over number doses. The treatment may be given to humans with one-of-a-kind sorts of cancers.

A segment 1 trial is in particular a drug safety observes.

Segment 2 trials study how nicely a remedy works for positive most cancers, along with breast cancer. These trials may additionally encompass between 25 and 100 people.

After a drug (or different therapy) is observed to be powerful in treating breast cancer in a phase 2 trials, a section 3 trial will have a look at it in addition.

Segment 3 trials take a look at how properly a brand new remedy (which includes surgical approaches) works in comparison to the usual remedy (standard of care).

Segment 4 trials have a look at the long-term aspect results of treatments or solution new questions about the remedy.

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