Jamal Zekri

Title: Adjuvant chemotherapy decisions for patients with breast cancer based on clinical and evolving Oncotype-DX criteria


Consultant Medical OncologistKing Faisal Specialist Hospital & Research Centre -Jeddah, Saudi Arabia and a Professor of Medicine (AL-FAISAL University)
Prof. Zekri received his higher medical oncology training in UK where he was certified and practiced as a consultant. He acted as the deputy director of the research centre (Jeddah) for 3 years. He is also an active member of National Cancer Management Guidelines Task Force for Gastrointestinal and Breast Cancers. He is a member of the Africa and Middle East Uro-oncology group and a co-founder of the Red Sea Lung Cancer Group.

Prof. Zekri has published about 75 articles in peer reviewed journals and 2 oncology chapters in a book. He presented more than 45 abstracts of original research at several international conferences. He is a peer reviewer in many scientific journals.

Research Interest

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