Raewyn Mai

Title: Zero to hero – when there is no Escherichia coli showing on a comprehensive stool analysis, to thriving gut health and reversing symptoms
Time: 10:45 - 11:30


Raewyn Mai, an experienced Microbiologist is a lecturer and teaching of clinical microbiology to biomedical students, pharmacy students of Integrated Pharmacotherapeutics at University, Queensland Australia and a consultant for a new clinical microbiology course. She has previously worked in clinical microbiology laboratories, managing teaching laboratories and teams and delivering clinical, environmental, food, molecular microbiology classes at University. In Nov 2015 Raewyn certified as a Healthy Gut Advisor and runs workshops and events to educate on gut health. Her programs offer individual persons their plan towards their health issues improved to reverse

Research Interest


Expected and beneficial bacteria found normally in the gut was totally absent. A 35 year old female presenting signs of severe constipation. A comprehensive stool analysis revealed no growth for Escherichia coli and low numbers of other expected bacteria under beneficial flora. However, an overgrowth of pathogens was present under Dysbiotic flora. Treatment given of multiple antibiotics, along with natural herbs which was unsuccessful to resolve symptoms of the overgrowth of pathogens and as well as later finding a parasite. The female patient continued with symptoms previously experienced including the elimination of a bowel movement happening once every 9 days. This continued to cause a stressful situation to this female’s wellbeing. The long-term effects of long absence of elimination causes the buildup of toxins, damage to the intestinal lining and in her case leaky gut syndrome had occurred where this leads to inflammation forming. Inflammation was of high levels and arthritis pain was evident. This person contacted me and took one of my programs, looking at all areas of a healthy lifestyle, medications, chemicals exposed to, diet and dealing with stress. Adjusting her diet made a significant impact to her health and constipation was improved in 2 days. It’s not only consuming wholefoods and eliminating processed foods but knowing the right foods for your gut and micro biome. Probiotics were also introduced and made a significant difference as well. The 2 probiotic strains were Lactobacillus rhamnosus LGG® and Bifidobacterium (BB-12®) strains. The benefits of taking Probiotics support a healthy digestive system and maintaining healthy gut flora. Feed your gut well and symptoms will be improved to being reversed