Dr. Natalia Shestakova

Title: The New Technology for Creating Complex Therapy. Psychotropic Drugs for the Management of Neuropathic Pain and Itch.


Dr. Natalia Shestakova research focuses on the study of neuropathic pain and itching using various procedural approaches. Using molecular modeling techniques, she has developed a technology for preliminary screening of three-dimensional structural selection among psychotropics the effective drugs for the treatment of neuropathic pain and itching syndromes. To understand the mechanisms for the relief of neuropathic pain, she studies the molecular targets of the glutamatergic system (NMDA receptors and calcium exchanger sodium) using electrophysiological methods and molecular modeling. As a result, 9 drugs were selected as potentially effective drugs. Subsequent clinical trials have confirmed their analgesic and antipruritic ability in contrast to drugs selected as inert. Together with doctors of Pavlova State Medical University, the complex therapy was developed for patients with end-stage renal disease in chronic hemodialysis and patients with insulin-dependent diabetes for personalized treatment of pain and itching syndromes without increasing drug consumption

Research Interest

neuropathic pain and itching; psychotropics, molecular targets and mechanisms 

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