Biogenerics and Biopharmaceuticals

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Biosimilars are defined as officially approved new version of innovator biotherapeutic products for which the patent has expired. Globally, a large number of blockbuster biotherapeutic products are going off patent in the next few years. India has a robust pharmaceutical industry including the biopharmaceutical sector which is actively engaged in the production and marketing of biosimilar products. In the less regulated Indian market, however, there exist many biosimilars, despite the fact that no specific guidelines exist in India for their approval. In this article attempts are made to find out the current and future market potential for biosimilar products in India. This article also reveals the loopholes present in the regulations for controlling the biosimilar market.

·         Biogeneric Relationships Are All Relative

·         Biopharmaceutical nomenclature

·         Biogenerics nomenclature

·         Perceptions and the market

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