Washington Luiz Esteves Magalhães

Title: Pilot-scaled fast-pyrolysis conversion of eucalyptus wood fines into products: Discussion toward possible applications in Biofuels, Materials and Precursors


I have a degree in Chemical Engineering at the Military Institute of Engineering (IME 1983), master's (1998) and doctorate (2002) in Materials Science and Engineering from the University of São Paulo. I am currently a researcher at the Brazilian Agricultural Research Corporation (Embrapa). I held the position of Head of Research and Development at Embrapa Florestas (2012-2013). I conducted research as a visiting researcher at North Carolina State University USA (2008-2009) and also at the University of Nottingham UK (2010). I work as a permanent professor in the Postgraduate Program in Materials Science and Engineering (PIPE) at the Federal University of Paraná and in the Postgraduate Program in Materials Engineering and Science at the State University of Ponta Grossa. I guide theses and dissertations and I am a postdoctoral supervisor at Universities and Embrapa. I develop research on the application of nanotechnology in the forest-based sector and also on pre-treatment of biomass for the production of second generation bio-ethanol as well as new applications for rapid wood pyrolysis products. I have experience in the area of ??Forest Resources and Forest Engineering, mainly in the following subjects: biorefinery, nanotechnology, wood preservative treatment, surface physicochemical, polymer deposition, hydrorepelence, non-destructive method of analysis, preservative treatment, drying and dimensional stability of solid wood.

Research Interest

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