Shizhong Li

Title: A cost-effective biorefinery of sweet sorghum and hydrogen from bioethanol for fuel cell vehicles


Dr. Shizhong Li is a full professor and deputy director of the Institute of New Energy Technology, Tsinghua University, Adjunct Professor of Hong Kong University of Science & Technology. He is also the executive director of MOST-USDA Joint Research Centre for Biofuels, the director of Beijing Engineering Research Centre for Biofuels, the consultant to Hainan Provincial Government, board member of China Energy Society, the member of Advisory Board of UNDP China Hydrogen Program. He conducts leading research on advanced biofuels, such as 1.5 generation biofuels and 2nd, 4th generation biofules, has established the primary database of Biomass Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics and fundamental research system for solid state bioreaction at nm, ?m, mm, and m levels, and developed the largest solid state bioreactor (55m in length, 3.6m in diameter) which is successful in operation for bioethanol production in the world. He also has developed Three-Stage reformer for hydrogen production via ethanol-water reforming to prevent PEMFC by controlling CO less than 1ppm for realizing the commercialization of indirect ethanol-fuel cell vehicles. He has more than 112 publications and 27 granted innovation patents. He also contributes to roadmap designing, development strategy formulating and incentive policy making for promoting China’s Biofuel and Bioenergy industry.

Research Interest

biofuels & bio hydrogen

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