Rozzeta Dolah

Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA
Title: Fast-Pyrolysis Oil Upgrading Challenges for Biomass Production of Biofuels


Ts. Dr. Rozzeta Dolah CEng, trained in Japan and is a Chartered Engineer currently a postdoctoral fellow at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), USA with expertise in renewable energy and robust quality engineering. Her area of interest is bioenergy conversion from biomass into aviation fuel, with emphasis on the experimental design and optimization. She led the design and build of a 300L pyrolysis reactor of second generation biomass from oil palm waste, empty fruit bunch (EFB). Dr. Rozzeta is a Minitab trainer, uses it as a powerful statistical software for process and quality optimization and in industrial applications. As a member of Japan’s Quality Engineering Society, she learned Taguchi Method (Robust Quality Engineering) from the son of the late Dr. Genichi Taguchi, Design of Experiments (DOE), and Lean/Black Belt Six Sigma. Combination of both quality engineering concept in her PhD and application in postdoctoral research at MIT Dept. of Mechanical Engineering has narrowed her niche perfectly into biomass renewable energy.

Research Interest

Biomass and Renewable Energy

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