Fernanda Perpétua Casciatori

Federal University of São Carlos, Brazil
Title: Production of enzymes for biofuels by solid-state fermentation: Engineering aspects


Fernanda Casciatori has her expertise in solid-state fermentation. Her experience includes experimental studies, modeling proposals and simulations. Main focus is the production of enzymes for biofuels using packed-beds, trays or rotating drum bioreactors. She has built a model for heat and water transfer in packed-bed bioreactors of solid-state fermentation, as well as has modified and applied models for simulations of heat transfer in trays and rotating drums. In experimental field, she has cultivated filamentous fungi, using agricultural wastes as substrates, aiming to cellulases, xylanases, amylases and lipases production in packed-bed bioreactors from bench to pilot-scale. This kind of bioprocess for enzymes for biofuels production has much to be studied in terms of engineering and applied microbiology, but it seems to be a fully feasible and sustainable way of increasing the production of biofuels such as bioethanol and biodiesel, using green raw materials very abundant in Brazil and other agro-based countries.

Research Interest

Chemical Engineering; Biochemical Engineering; Bioprocess and Bioreactors Engineering

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