John Love

Title: Steps to industrial scale-up of fourth generation biofuels by synthetic biology


John Love is Professor of Synthetic Biology & Director of the BioEconomy Centre at the University of Exeter. John’s research uses a multidisciplinary combination of microbiology, genomic engineering and AI-guided experimentation to develop microbial systems for the industrial-scale production of 4G biofuels. Industrial engagement is a leitmotif of John’s research; his close working partnerships with several businesses, from local SME’s to multinational companies, bring new research directly from the University labs to those best placed for application, thereby accelerating the commercialization and exploitation of new discoveries. In addition to his expertise in Science, John’s passion for realworld impact has led him to study at Harvard Business School, enabling him to better balance the requirements of business partners and cuttingedge, academic research.

Research Interest

Synthetic biology; Microbial and Algal Biofuels; Industrial Biotechnology

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