Nanotechnology in Biofuels

Biofuels 2019 is included Keynote and Speakers sessions on the most recent examination intended to offer extensive worldwide exchanges that address current issues in Biofuels 2019.

The daunting energy challenges in the 21st century are a result of over-reliance on limited fossil fuels coupled with ever-increasing energy demand. Among the solutions is the development of technologies and infrastructures to help in the smooth transition to alternative and renewable energy sources. Nanotechnology, amalgamation of chemistry and engineering, is viewed as the new candidate for clean energy applications. It involves the manipulation of nanoscale structures to integrate them into larger material components and systems. In comparison to bulk materials, nanomaterials have high surface areas and are expected to exhibit higher activities. As these technologies become more mature, efficient, and economical, they could eventually replace traditional fossil fuels.

·                   Nanotechnology in solar and biofuels

·                   Nanotechnology and its role in next generation biofuels

·                   Nanotechnology application in biofuel production

·                   Nanotechnology-based reactors for converting plant fats to liquid fuels

·                   Nanotechnology for biofuels and bioenergy production

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