Moni Mahto

MD, Nepal Mediciti Hospital
Title: Compromised status of sterilization in different dental setups in Kathmandu, Nepal


I have done my Bachelor in Dental surgery and have practiced general dentistry for more than 10 years. I have done my MD in Microbiology, Hence I have keen interest in infection prevention in dentistry as well as in medical field. I am also interested in monitoring of antimicrobial resistance. I have been consistently working for awareness and advocacy of infection prevention in dentistry and I am also the chairperson of Infection prevention committee in my hospital. My passion in dentistry and microbiology is reflected by my work done for infection prevention and prevention of antimicrobial resistance. I am a core committee member for drafting the curriculum of Nepal medical council’s CPD (Continuous professional development) Compulsory module on infection prevention.  

Research Interest


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