Anton Krivorotov

Title: Digital Dental Technologies integration in a rehabillitation process of patient with full aesthetic and functional reconstruction in use GNM (gnatho neuromuscular) protocol


Anton is a representative of the dentists' dynasty, the great-grandson of Alexander Evdokimov, after whom MSUMD (Moscow State University of Medicine and Stomatology) is named - one of the leading universities in Russia. He graduated from the Saratov Medical University, undertook an internship in the United States and Israel.

Most of his practice is centered on the concept of GNM, that helps rehabilitate patients with complex occlusion problems. He is one of the 100 Certified Specialists in Gento-Neuromuscular Dentistry in the world and the first in our country. Dr. Krivorotov passed 12 training modules in the Occlusion Connection company (Las Vegas, USA) and received a certificate from the creator of GNM Dr. Clayton Chan.

Dr. Krivorotov, together with Ultra core Biomedical, prepared his author's program on occlusion and the concept of GNM.

Research Interest


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