Dr. Helio Silva

Professor, IPENO University of Taubate-Sao Paulo, Brazil
Title: The Importance of Functional Lingual Space for Health and Quality of Life


Dr. Helio Gomes da Silva, DDS, MSD, PHD - PhD in Dentistry (PHD dentristry), author of 03 books and several scientific articles correlating the deformations in the form and volume of the functional lingual space with several physical, chemical and emotional human being; developed the HGS-II, III and RA (intra-oral appliance for the treatment of Snoring and Nocturnal Apnea):; a researcher since 1990 on the situation of the functional occlusal plane in the malocclusions, focusing on orthodontic biomechanics and symptoms of temporomandibular dysfunction related to occlusal disharmonies, with repercussion in the spine at CTA- Research Center of the Brazilian Air Force in São José dos Campos, Brazil; (University of Taubaté-São Paulo), where he concluded a research (Thesis of Doctorate - 2014) on the daily performance and psychosocial conditions of young adults submitted to orthodontic treatment, currently coordinating professor of the postgraduate program in dentistry in orthodontics by the IMED Faculty (RS-Brazil) and IPENO Faculty (SC-Brazil).

Research Interest

Dentistry, Dental Education, Dental Health

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