Nano Dentistry

Nano dentistry is the application of such technology within the dental field. Using nanomaterials, nanorobots, and engineering, doctors and researchers have already made huge strides in dentistry. There are countless new dental products available, ranging from implants to oral hygiene products, that utilize nano dentistry. Nanotechnology is expected to change science, medicine, and dentistry forever.

Nano dentistry can be used to diagnose, treat, and prevent oral and dental diseases. It can also be used to relieve pain and preserve or improve dental health. For example, saliva exosomes-based diagnostics have made it possible for doctors to design biocompatible, antimicrobial dental implants – a revolutionary development in the field. Since every disease starts at the molecular level, it makes sense to attack it on that level.

Nano dentistry can be used to assemble virtually any product using atomic building blocks. The possibilities are endless, including nano-impressions, nanoceramics, and nanocomposites. Nanofillers are already being used to create a more precise impression of patients’ teeth and gums. Nanofillers have superior hydrophilic qualities, improved flow, and less spacing at dental margins when compared to traditional fillers. With regard to prosthodontics, nano-zirconia ceramic can be used in place of traditional ceramics for tougher, longer-lasting, corrosion-resistant dentures and crowns. Other applications that dental researchers are currently looking into include:

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